Where's the file?
It should be in your inbox. Otherwise check spam. Maybe you put your email address in wrong.
What should I print it on?
We've printed it on regular paper and laminated it for about $30 at Staples. Other print shops might have a waterproof card stock as well. You do you man.
How can we play with a non-drinking friend?
Tough question. We've played games where we make them do some funny shit instead of drinking. Maybe let them choose from a few actions. Maybe even give them to power to pass their drink to someone else. Your call.
Are you going to create a real card deck instead of this downloadable nonsense?
Ok calm down sir you're scaring the children. Yes, we will launch a real card deck starting with a pre-sale that you are now have exclusive access to. Lucky you!
I want more cards, will you create expansion packs?
You betcha! We already have double the rules laid out for an expansion pack with plenty of ideas for themed decks and booster packs. Launching later at some point.

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