Share the fun with friends old and new, bust out Cheers! and get your party started.

Over 30 Rules on 100+ Cards

We took the standard Kings rules, put our own twist on them, and added dozens more. With tons of cards, your game doesn't end until you say so.

Clearly Written Rules

Every action is clearly written on the card so you can have fun instead of arguing over the rules.

100% Reprintable

Print the cards and customize your deck however you like. There's no limit to the number of times you can print.

No Extras Required

Just grab a drink and start playing. Cheers! Drinking Card Game is ready when you are.


The game is so easy to play, we might not even need any directions in the box.

Step 1.

Grab a Drink.

Through extensive research and testing, we found that drinking games are more fun with drinks.

Step 2.

Stack the Deck.

Shuffle the deck - or don't. Just set the cards on a table where everyone can reach them.

Step 3.

Draw Cards.

Battle your friends for first pick. Then, draw cards in whichever order you'd like. (Clockwise is a classic)

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